Just as we individually care for each flower prior to constructing, we ask that you too care for your florals after we deliver them. This will help with the longevity of your arrangement so you can keep your beauties on display as long as possible.  Our different bloom options require different love and care:

After your box of roses have been delivered:

The roses we use at Oh So Pretty are carefully hand selected and cared for to ensure a high quality is always maintained. The premium roses we delivery to Newcastle and the surrounds have been pre cut and conditioned prior to delivery. To ensure longevity of your blooms, place them out of direct sunlight and keep them hydrated by adding a teacup of water (filtered preferred) every 3 days. This can be done by gently spreading the flowers and pouring the water in the centre of the arrangement.  You can also peel away the outer petals as they naturally wilt to keep your blooms looking fresh. If you wish to keep your box as a keepsake remove your flowers after 7 days of them being delivered.

After your bouquet of flowers have been delivered:

To extend the life of your bouquet, snip your blooms on an angle to your desired length. Shortly after your flowers have been delivered place them out of direct sunlight in a vase of fresh water. Replace this water every couple of days to ensure they are always drinking clean water.  You can also peel away the outer petals of your roses as they naturally wilt to extend the life of your arrangement. Depending on how you like your wildflowers (our ‘River’ arrangement) – Follow the above care instructions or alternatively, if you are wanting to savour them forever, they are still incredibly beautiful when they are all dried out.

Nic & Soph xx