Here at Oh So Pretty we believe that flowers are truly good for your soul. We can’t imagine its common for someone to receive fresh flowers and say “I wish I never received those”.

Flowers provide a way to brighten someone’s day or extend sentiments of love, congratulations or condolences. Most people consider flowers one of nature’s many gifts that often provoke emotional responses.

Here’s why we think flowers are good for the soul:

  • Flowers connect people ~ What better way to say to someone “I’m thinking of you”, “Happy Birthday, or “I love you” then with a beautiful bouquet or box of flowers delivered fresh right to their door.
  • Flowers instantly make people happy ~ Receiving flowers no matter the occasion has the power to brighten up someone’s day.
  • Flowers can really improve your mood ~ Accordingly to science, upon receiving flowers people’s moods are boosted and have instant positive thoughts.
  • Flowers are for sharing ~ Flowers are generally placed in an open space, like an office or living room, where other people can take in their beauty and scent.
  • Flowers have a positive impact on sick people ~ Research has proven that patients take less pain medication and have less anxiety when there are flowers their hospital room. Research also shows that measures blood pressure, heart rate, lower pain and fatigue as well as higher feelings of satisfaction with their hospital stay.
  • Flowers make the sender happy also  ~ Research shows that people 88% of people would prefer to send flowers instead of any other gift and these people perceived as emotionally intelligent, caring and successful.

Our favourite thing about delivering flowers to the people of Newcastle and surrounds is the look on the recipients face when they open the door to a fresh bouquet of blooms or a personalised flower box! They are incredibly delighted and it’s a beautiful feeling to be apart of this wonderful gesture.

Happy flower days,

Nic & Soph